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  Honor Guard: I think most of us are in the same boat Mag.
  Magician: Here's the thign for me: I suck and I know it with Sorcery DPS. But it's kinda fun without needing a pet for damage. I'll keep tweaking, but don't be surprised if Im not top on the scorecard
  Srgt Simian: They are waiting for everyone to get tired of screaming. it's the obnoxious fat woman in Wal-Mart strategy of parenting. Just ignore the monster children like they don't exist.
  Mentana: I believe they have tied their belts to a deep-running water pipe and are currently experiencing some forum turbulence.
  The Cursed One: Wonder what the devs are thinking. That havnt said much since the revamp went live and there is so much hate about it on the forums.
  Srgt Simian: This used to be a funhouse, now it's just full of evil clowns.....Thanks DCUO
  Honor Guard: That sums it up right there, Srgt
  Srgt Simian: Batman may be crying, but not for long. Most likely he is stunned, confused, interrupted, out of power, or has just been one-shot'ed trying to revive a fallen team mate.
  Mentana: The revamp makes Batman cry.
  The Cursed One: Have you read what all they are changing with the revamp?
  Srgt Simian: I'm beginning to realize that.
  The Cursed One: From the looks of it you will be coming back when a few people are leaving. lol
  Srgt Simian: I guess when GU73 releases I'll be resubbing to try it out. Enjoy your peace while it lasts. Mhuhahahahaha!!!
  Srgt Simian: I always wondered why Cheetah attacked him first in a fight...She was just hungry.
  Mentana: That explains Tusky.
  Honor Guard: Guess it just depends on perspective. To his fellow JLAers? yeah, it's a problem. To a Walrus? Heaven, pure heaven.
  Mentana: So, you're saying Aquaman has a body odor issue?
  Honor Guard: Verse 3:
Aquaman, Aquaman
Stench e’en whalers cannot stand
Loves his seahorse and a lad
Talks to fish,
It’s really sad
Here comes the Aquaman!
  Honor Guard: Verse 2:

Before first sight
You will wrin-kle your nose
It’s too late for flight
That stank is in your clothes
  Honor Guard: Verse 1:
Aquaman, Aquaman,
stinks like fish in a can.
Is he strong, oh my god,
smells like North Atlantic cod.
Here comes the Aquaman!
You do not have permission to shout
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