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  Mentana: It moved on to The Tick.
  Honor Guard: Where is Superman's moustache?
  Srgt Simian: Dude! You took the action figures out of the box???
  Stryx: Nice. You keep outdoing yourself with the graphics for the site
  Mentana: Cool theme.
  Honor Guard: Read that they are dropping PS3 support in January.
  Honor Guard: I won't be on last night :D
...but I'll try for Saturday
  Stryx: I'll be on tonight
  Honor Guard: Didn't we run a raid over the last weekend? Maybe I'm remembering that wrong, but I thought we had enough for a raid (albeit with two pugged members).
  Magician: Congrats Mentana on your Riddler set :)
  Srgt Simian: Man Im sorry Mantana. Attendance for Raidnights has died and there doesn't seem to be much interest in DCUO anymore.
  Mentana: My last 2 out of 3 raids were done in another league. I completed my Riddler gear set and no one else was on to congratulate me. Not a good feeling.
  Magician: Maybe Im getting too old for this or maybe the games just arent holding my interest
  Magician: To be fair though, I feel the same in STO, SWTOR, SWG:Emu
  Magician: Over the weekend I had to pug by myself to get through Throne and Hall of Hades. that was torturous but I got it done. It's just a matter of how things are at the moment I suppose
  Magician: I too feel the pain. I have been trying to gear up Atom but feel kinda defeated doing so
  Srgt Simian: That sucks Stryx.
  Stryx: Raid Night. 4 members on. No group content. Got 32 marks. Too bad the game's going down.
  Srgt Simian: Doooh. That joke had a tinge of sadness to it as it is all true true.
  Honor Guard: Somewhat fitting since a lot of players are now history
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