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  Honor Guard: Not sure I'll be available Tuesday. I'll let you now
  Srgt Simian: Would Tuesday evening at 6:30 PST (9:30EST) be a good time to get together for those 3 operations?
  Honor Guard: lol I can run them with you
  Srgt Simian: Any reasonable price will be met, only serious offers considered. Desperation leads to the Dark Side and I'm about to lose my Sith.
  Srgt Simian: I have Cadameimu, Kuat Drive Yards and Red Reaper left to do and Ill have completed all my DvL stuff. I'll frikin pay someone to run them with me at this point!
  Srgt Simian: Tried PUGing Red Reaper. I was lvl 65, othe 3 were in the 20-30 range. 1 dropped on zone in, the next after 1st boss fight. I hate PUGs.
  Srgt Simian: Change! Hissssssss...bad! It burns us, we don't likes it!
  Honor Guard: This allows all players, both hardcore and casual to make progress regardless of the activity they choose
  Honor Guard: The more difficult the activity the more GC Experience gained
  Honor Guard: Each time you level up in GC you get a drop box which contains gear, etc. That is how gear is earned. The higher your GC Rank the better your gear
  Honor Guard: There is a new system called Galactic Command (GC). All activities in game give you Galactic Command Experience which earns you rank in the GC
  Honor Guard: Gear drop changes must be in the water as SWTOR is making changes to the way gear is gained as well
  Srgt Simian: Major props and a shout out to HG and Magician for helping me run Hammer Station.
  Srgt Simian: Trying to finish the last 6 Flashpoints I need for Champion level rank of DvL. Using Group Finder...oh the PUG Life.
  Honor Guard: Details about Knights of the Eternal Throne can be found here:
  Honor Guard: Also, currently, there is a 200% XP bonus going on until December
  Honor Guard: New story content (KOTET) drops in December. Subscriber rewards include Shae Vizla as a companion.
  Srgt Simian: Did False Emperor last night. Final boss fight only glitched and reset 4 times. I'm so lucky. !@#$
  Honor Guard: You went and lost your ship, now you've done it!
  Srgt Simian: Just finished KOTFE on my Sith. `@#%!'"Koth stole my ship! I better get the option to kill him in the upcoming episode!
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