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  Srgt Simian: @#%€ Tiny keyboards on phones!
  Srgt Simian: Hows everyone doing? Hope you are all hwalthy and happy.
  Honor Guard: I WILL be on DCUO tonight. That is all.
  Srgt Simian: New idea for a Gotham villian. The Vetrinarian. With all the animal themed heroes running about I just thought it was obvious.
  Srgt Simian: Are we bored enough, desperate enough, or just plain stupid enough to do Survival Mode tonight? (I'll just leave that there and step away slowly)
  Srgt Simian: After reading it my only concern is...WTH is it with these WOW inspired Styles!?!
  Srgt Simian: Thanks for posting that link Cursed.
  Jolie LaBlanc: Thank you, guys :) Love the use of Mr. M on the site, Abra!
  Abra Cadabra: Thanks Enki, hope all is well in the DC universe :)
  Enki: Love the update Abra. Always looking on my phone so I never see the art work.
  Baldrson: Happy Birthday Emma / Jolie / Autumn et al :P
  Stryx: Awesome job on the site Abra
  Honor Guard: Even better!!!
  Srgt Simian: OK, how about we just run Normal and reset until our eyes bleed?
  Honor Guard: I'm in for the Normal versions!
  Srgt Simian: Bonus Ancient Coins Weekend starting Friday March 3rd. Saturday Raidnight Olympus and GOM normal and elite.
  Honor Guard: It is pretty snazzy
  Abra Cadabra: Thanks guys really appreciate it :)
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