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  Srgt Simian: If anyone wants to join for Flashpoints or *groan* PvP Valor grinding, let me know. Having folks to BS with in TS makes everything more fun.
  Srgt Simian: This weekend I plan on trying to knock out some DvL achievements. Valor lvl 5, last 2 chapters of KOTFE & as many Flashpoints as possible.
  Srgt Simian: 8pm EST and I'm trying Eternal Championship for the 1st time...oh boy.
  Honor Guard: Not really a set time. Depends on the day. Mag, Srgt and I are really the only ones playing SWTOR that are also playing DCUO currently.
  Stryx: Is there a set night for swtor? My dcuo is out of commission
  Magician: I finished up to Eternal with DvL on Ebon Hawk and The Shadowlands. Debating about working on another server. Harbinger maybe?
  Srgt Simian: In game now. Bounty Hunting sounds like a plan.
  Srgt Simian: Yup
  Honor Guard: Hey Srgt, Last day of the Bounty Hunter Event tonight. Want to run a few?
  Honor Guard: I think it should be sometime in October Mag. But no date has been set yet. Should know more after NY Comicon.
  Magician: When is Update 5.0 supposed to come out? I still need to finish my DvL BH
  Srgt Simian: Variety of classes and powers gives choice and therefore allows the players to personalize their characters. DCUO is in danger of suffering from the "Choose your color, choose your animations" but no real difference in the powers.
  Honor Guard: Yeah, I agree. I like variety. The Devs are making a concerted effort to streamline and simplify the game. Seems like that is where they think the best bet for a strong player base is.
  Srgt Simian: I dont think the "Your either melee or ranged. Choose!" direction is the right one. Ravage on instant will be nice though.
  Honor Guard: Not sure how I feel about all the changes but one I am looking forward to is that Blade Dance/Ravage for the Knight/Warrior will be instant cast to allow full mobility
  Honor Guard: For example, BH Mercenary will no longer have any melee based powers (Flamethrower, rocket punch), only the powertech will have that
  Honor Guard: Some pretty major changes coming up soon. Update 5.0 will raise the level cap to 70, include new gear and powers, and move all ranged and melee powers over to the respective role for each set
  Stryx: Some day I'll invest time and get my steam controller working for this game. Until then I'll just leave annoying shouts and never be in game as usual.
  Magician: I'm playing on Ebon Hawk atm to grind a couple new DvL characters to get the rewards on this other server.
  Srgt Simian: An hour later and the update is almost over. I may yet get to play some SW.
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