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  The Cursed One: Yes sir.
  Stryx: My gaming stuff hasn't arrived yet but should be here in two weeks I believe. You guys still playing on Thursdays?
  Magician: but ultimately at the end of the day is reflected in dollars those players contribute to the game. We exist or no longer exist based on that bottom line.
  Magician: We want to spend our time on things that benefit the game the most -
  Srgt Simian: "Do you think her mother's name is Martha?" The gift that keeps on giving.
  Abra Cadabra: Appreciate it Mags...I just wouldn't have enough time to do something. I do appreciate the compliments though.
  Magician: Hey Abra, you should submit your creativity to DCUO before Tuesday! You do such a great job on the website:
  Stryx: Was rushing tonight, going to get online but I'm too pooped now. Will be traveling next week. Hope to be on the Thursday after that (2 weeks). And since I'm officially unemployed now I'll probably have more time for this and other games
  haci82: if i can dps it im on hahaha
  The Cursed One: So was thinking on giving the members only raid another go tonight for raid night. What are people's thoughts?
  Srgt Simian: Thanks Jolie. Ill be downloading that tonight!
  Srgt Simian: Reinstalled DCUO and it seems to "work." Will try to be on tonight after 10pm EST to check in with everyone. Grats Mag on the CR 190.
  Magician: Magician finally got to CR 190 :)
  Srgt Simian: Thanks Enki. Magician dont sweat it, no magic words needed. Your regular words of support are enough and much appreciated.
  Magician: I hope the best for you and what you are going through. Just keep a good support structure in your life, and if you need friends, we are here
  Magician: Sbt, wish I knew some magic words to say, but I've never been there, I don't want to sound insensitive.
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Can any Playstation player shed some light why "PM CR SP" is so popular phrase when they seek for groups?. Is it because content is so hard that you need most geared players to get through it? Even those geared, very geared PS players do this.
Apr 27, 2017
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The US PS/PC server will be taken offline at 10AM PT for an unplanned hotfix and maintenance. Downtime will last about 1.5 hours. This downtime will address an error with the deploy of last night's hotfix, and fully implement the intended fixes ...
Apr 28, 2017
Icon expand play injustice 2. Everything about it looks amazing. And then this got released today and it doesnt get much better in my opinion.
Apr 28, 2017
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I've always been a more into PVE content in games rather than PVP but I'm at a point where I wanna start grinding the arena out as I feel like I'm missing out on SP that I could have. Since I started playing I've only really ran legends so I can b...
Apr 28, 2017
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I was wondering if anyone watched the series? If you did, what do you think? Did you like it?
Apr 28, 2017