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  Mentana: So, what do you think of this new villain, this goofy-haired fascist wanna-be with major insecurity issues? And how about this new DCUO villain, too?
  Stryx: Sorry had unexpected company show up
  Mentana: Yeah looks good! The new episode sounds interesting.
  Magician: nice background, Abra
  Magician: I think it's about time for a break myself. Got other things going on that are more interesting.
  The Cursed One: I might be right behind you on that Srgt.
  Srgt Simian: Thanks for that link Magician. It pretty much confirms to me that DCUO is past the point of no return. Ill spend my money elsewhere Mepps, thank you very much.
  The Cursed One: Yes sir.
  Stryx: My gaming stuff hasn't arrived yet but should be here in two weeks I believe. You guys still playing on Thursdays?
  Magician: but ultimately at the end of the day is reflected in dollars those players contribute to the game. We exist or no longer exist based on that bottom line.
  Magician: We want to spend our time on things that benefit the game the most -
  Srgt Simian: "Do you think her mother's name is Martha?" The gift that keeps on giving.
  Abra Cadabra: Appreciate it Mags...I just wouldn't have enough time to do something. I do appreciate the compliments though.
  Magician: Hey Abra, you should submit your creativity to DCUO before Tuesday! You do such a great job on the website:
  Stryx: Was rushing tonight, going to get online but I'm too pooped now. Will be traveling next week. Hope to be on the Thursday after that (2 weeks). And since I'm officially unemployed now I'll probably have more time for this and other games
  haci82: if i can dps it im on hahaha
  The Cursed One: So was thinking on giving the members only raid another go tonight for raid night. What are people's thoughts?
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___________________________________ Please do NOT advertise your league here. That is not the purpose of the thread. People will post their information here. Your job is to send them a personal message, concerning your league. __________________...
Jul 10, 2013
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Jun 06, 2017
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missed this thread figured I would try to get it started again saw this on reddit and thought it was a good start as the force is strong for one so young
May 01, 2013
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I don't get their logic especially when the devs have done research in the past that proved even the normal difficulty content is challenging for much of the player base. While the forum minority complains about "too easy", in game tells a differe...
Jun 21, 2017
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Just recent i discover a very fun duo in T7.. The Will of Darkseid.. I just love the final boss fight of that duo... it's not just hit hit hit and win like everything else.. cause this boss have one move that if you dont do anything about it (by...
Jun 24, 2017