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  Stryx: Some day I'll invest time and get my steam controller working for this game. Until then I'll just leave annoying shouts and never be in game as usual.
  Magician: I'm playing on Ebon Hawk atm to grind a couple new DvL characters to get the rewards on this other server.
  Srgt Simian: An hour later and the update is almost over. I may yet get to play some SW.
  Srgt Simian: OH, NVM. Didn't realize SWOTR had toreorganize my data for the next 3 hours. Great, guess I'm not playing any games this evening.
  Srgt Simian: Its 7:52pm EST. Logging into SWTOR. That is all.
  Srgt Simian: Thats ok.
  Jolie LaBlanc: Sorry I missed your post, Srgt - would have joined ya. :(
  Srgt Simian: As of 2:30pm EST I'm on IMP-side SWTOR if anyone wants to join me.
  Srgt Simian: Ive only leveled one character to 53 & I still have to do Shadow of Revan & all of the KOTFE stuff.
  Honor Guard: You still have plenty of time
  Magician: I am falling behind. Im only level 44 on my BH and still have to do 5 Chapters to qualify for the next level
  Honor Guard: Hard mode flashpoints and operations are where the challenge is
  Abra Cadabra: Still a snooze fest....I love the story part! However, I actively avoid combat. So much, for the fun of a Lightsabre yawn
  Honor Guard: The more players you have on your team running heroics the higher the rewards, much higher as a matter of fact. Plus, the added bonus of being faster. So more efficient.
  Honor Guard: They are not challenging, but they are lucrative both xp and currency wise (although the monetary rewards were nerfed last patch but will be reverted soon)
  Abra Cadabra: Once you get your first companion I find the Heroics a complete snooze fest. At least so far... I'm still early in the game only Level 28.
  Honor Guard: Hey there Stryx. The first few levels are very story centric so you may want to get your character through the starter planet first. Then we can start running heroics with ya
  Stryx: Finally got this running. Anyone want to level up an alt? I can't tonight or tomorrow or the next night... or probably thursday or friday or saturday... but Sunday!
  Magician: Thanks Jolie, HG and I got it all done last night. It was a great experience, but not one I plan to EVER repeat again :D
  Jolie LaBlanc: I would love to, Mags. My internet connectivity at the moment is trash, though :(
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