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  Stryx: Happy easter everyone
  Drew Burymore: sto news, see tab
  Jolie LaBlanc: Very nice, Abra :)
  Honor Guard: ah new theme. There be some life left in the ol' place yet.
  Srgt Simian: So far Wildstar and Tera are tide with 2 votes each, with a total of 6 leaguemates voting.
  Stryx: Actually I'd like to change my vote to Tera from Wildstar. It looks pretty awesome and has the combat type I think most of us like from DCUO, but may be a better version
  Srgt Simian: I misspelled Tera on the Poll as well so blame me...everyone else does.
  Stryx: Hence the monicker "oblivatard" lol
  Stryx: Definitely should've thought of that.
  Mentana: It is one 'r' - don't know if that makes a differnce.
  Stryx: Most of those looked really fun. Couldn't find Terra though
  Srgt Simian: Thanks man. Now lets see how badly I can screw this up....
  Honor Guard: I took care of it. You should have access now Srgt
  Srgt Simian: If only Abra could put our "What to play next" Poll over in POLLs. Or give me the ability to do it....
  Stryx: Sounds good. Should we get another tab on here for another game? ESO or something? Just one more way for ppl to keep in touch
  Srgt Simian: Awesome HG. Good to hear from you sir.
  Honor Guard: I would participate Srgt
  Srgt Simian: Willing to put together a group gaming night. I'll do the legwork and logistics. Peeps just got to show up.
  Srgt Simian: As I've stated, and others have as well, DCUO's gameplay and content were not the number 1 reason I kept coming back each Raidnight. It was hanging out and laughing with you folks. I would hate for this group of friends to just....drift apart.
  Mentana: It moved on to The Tick.
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